Elasticsearch models

Here is a demo Symfony application of Jane with Elasticsearch integration.

You can find the fully working example on this repository: janephp/demo-with-elasticsearch.


First, we need to index entities into Elasticsearch, to do that I made a command you can find in project/src/Command/IndexCommand.php. Here is the same code, decomposed to explain each steps:

// Here, $client is an instance of JoliCode\Elastically\Client, we use this library on top of Elastica to create
// indexes, send documents, send requests and read results.
// With that `getIndexBuilder` method, we get a class to build indexes.
$indexBuilder = $client->getIndexBuilder();
// We create an index called "beers" (with date suffix)
$index = $indexBuilder->createIndex(self::BEERS_INDEX);
// We update the "beers" alias with this new index
$indexBuilder->markAsLive($index, self::BEERS_INDEX);

// Class to index our documents
$indexer = $client->getIndexer();

// We fetch all beers from database
$beers = $this->beerRepository->findAll();
foreach ($beers as $beer) {
    // For each entity, we convert it to a Generated\Model\Beer DTO
    $model = $this->autoMapper->map($beer, \Generated\Model\Beer::class);
    // We put it in a Document in order to index it
    $document = new \Elastica\Document($beer->getId(), $model);
    // And we schedule the Document to "beers" index
    $indexer->scheduleIndex(self::BEERS_INDEX, $document);

// Flush all schedule documents & refresh "beers" index


Then you can see in project/src/Controller/BeerController.php file some interaction to show Elasticsearch results. Same as before, decomposed code to explain each step:

// With the `getIndex` method, we get a reference of the index we want (here I'm asking for 'beers' index)
$index = $client->getIndex(self::BEERS_INDEX);
// And we make a search query on the index (no arguments means we search for any result)
$resultSet = $index->search();
// We get the results for given $resultSet
$results = $resultSet->getResults();

$output = ['beers' => []];
foreach ($results as $result) {
    // Then we get the model for each result
    // Here, thanks to Elastically and the Symfony serializer, the `getModel`
    // method will return a Generated\Model\Beer instance
    $output['beers'][] = $result->getModel();

return $this->json($output);