API Platform DTO

Here is a demo Symfony application of Jane with API Platform integration.

You can find the fully working example on this repository: janephp/demo-with-apiplatform.

Disclaimer: This documentation is not a guide for API Platform, if you want more details about it, please consult their documentation


API Platform does support a way to have custom representation for our input or output. In this demo application, we focus on using a Jane model as our output model.

First, you will need to specify this model in your resource configuration:

      output: Generated\Model\BeerOutput

In this configuration we specify the class used for our resource output. You can do more with this feature such as custom input class, read more on related documentation.


Then, we need a DataTransformer to transform from the App\Entity\Beer entity to a Generated\Model\BeerOutput model. Here is this transformer, called BeerOutputDataTransformer, but decomposed to explain each steps:

namespace App\DataTransformer;

use ApiPlatform\Core\DataTransformer\DataTransformerInterface;
use App\Entity\Beer;
use Generated\Model\BeerOutput;
use Jane\Component\AutoMapper\AutoMapperInterface;

class BeerOutputDataTransformer implements DataTransformerInterface
    private AutoMapperInterface $autoMapper;

    // Here we inject Jane AutoMapper, it's used to make the entity to model transformation
    public function __construct(AutoMapperInterface $autoMapper)
        $this->autoMapper = $autoMapper;

     * @param Beer $data
     * @return BeerOutput
    public function transform($data, string $to, array $context = [])
        // Will transformer our `App\Entity\Beer` entity to a `Generated\Model\BeerOutput` model
        // thanks to the AutoMapper
        return $this->autoMapper->map($data, BeerOutput::class, $context);

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function supportsTransformation($data, string $to, array $context = []): bool
        // Tells to use the `transform` method only if our data is a `App\Entity\Beer` entity and if target model class
        // is `Generated\Model\BeerOutput`.
        return BeerOutput::class === $to && $data instanceof Beer;

With only both of theses, you will have clean custom model output with API Platform!